Dental Fillings

Restoring the smiles most precious to you.

A boy lying in a dental chair during a dental procedure

Tooth Fillings

No more cavities!

A boy lying in a dental chair during a dental procedure

If your child’s tooth decay is minimal, our pediatric dentist may include an esthetic white filling. White dental fillings are strong, stain-resistant, and require less removal of your child’s tooth structure. 

Our tooth fillings match the natural color of your child’s teeth using a composite resin. They’re an excellent option for small to mid-sized cavities, are durable, and look like natural tooth structure.

Stainless Steel Crowns

Restorations for primary teeth.

A little girl lying in a dental chair smiling while wearing a blue dental bib

Stainless steel dental crowns are one of the premiere treatments for primary teeth with extensive decay or damage. The extent of decay will be determined by Dr. Wilkerson from both the clinical exam in the mouth and the dental X-rays. If there is extensive damage, a stainless steel crown can save the tooth and prevent removal.

Primary teeth are important because they’re used for function, speech, and holding space for the permanent tooth. Many times, the primary back teeth that require this type of treatment will not be naturally lost until the ages of 11 or 12, so it becomes especially important to treat these teeth.

A little girl lying in a dental chair smiling while wearing a blue dental bib
Hear from the Parents
‘‘I will continue to take my kids here. They both love the staff and ask to go there over our primary doctor.’’

Abigail R.

‘‘I love bringing my children there. The doctor and staff are wonderful. They are very friendly and always helpful. I have a special needs child and I would highly recommend everyone to bring their child here. They are very patient and understanding with him. Afterwards he has never had a meltdown and always comes out laughing. He's four and he's been going since he was two. My daughter is eleven and has been going for around eight years. Again, they are wonderful people.’’

Patricia P.

‘‘Amber was amazing with Bella. She is definitely in her calling. So sweet. Dr. Wilkerson is definitely the best!’’

Brenda B.

‘‘We love everything about Children Density. The staff is exceptional and Ava actually looks forward to her dental visits. It is well worth the hour drive.’’

Ava T.

‘‘11 years ago I took my daughter to Dr Wilkerson. Excellence reigns here! My daughter even won the “best smile” certificate at the YMCA one year..kudos!’’

Paula F.

‘‘I could not say enough great things about this office. One of my sons is autistic and they are so understanding and good with him. We travel a hour and 45 minutes for this reason. We were in and out in 35 minutes with both of my sons being seen back to back. I would recommend this dentist to everyone.’’

Leia F.

‘‘Dr. Wilkerson and the entire staff are top notch. They are all so friendly and gentle and put my children at ease no matter what kind of procedure they are having done.’’

Teri H.

‘‘I can not recommend this office enough. My child always feel extremely comfortable and I know are well taken care of!’’

Ashley B.

‘‘I am so glad I have chosen this office for my son. The staff made me feel very comfortable. They also worked really well with my son considering he’s only 17 months and it was his first dentist visit. They were very patient.’’

Tobias S.

‘‘I can't imagine taking my children anywhere else for their dental visits. The doctor and staff were wonderful! They not only put my son at ease, but me as well. This is definitely the place to consider if you are looking for a pediatric dentist office! I wish they would see adults!’’

Amy B.

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