Patient Testimonial from Brooke W

Parents of special needs children this is your team!! Dr. Wilkerson & staff are absolutely incredible. As an Austism mom I used to dread taking my son to the dentist, until we found this team. My son is very hyper and shy. It took 3 appointments for them to earn his trust. 4th appointment they were able to do a full cleaning. Today we had our son put under at Women's and Children's in Charleston WV. I was scared to death. Dr. Wilkerson's team alerted them of our *special needs* and they went above and beyond to take care of my son! Dr. Wilkerson personally came and talked to me before and after surgery. She sat down in the waiting room with me and explained what she did and even brought my son a comforting blanket for the ride home. Then about 5pm she called personally to make sure he was doing ok. People ask why we drive over an hour to the dentist. THIS IS WHY. HER AND HER TEAM IS WHY!

- Brooke W

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