Patient Testimonial from Paula B

We arrived at Children's Dentistry for preventative care appointments for our 3 daughters. During the appointment Dr. Wilkerson's staff engaged each girl in conversation specific to them. They always find a way to converse on each child's level and about topics that interest them. There is no scripted conversations here! This allows my girls to relax and not focus on the work being done. As it would happen, my youngest needed some extra attention to her teeth and it was possible to get it done right then. The staff inquired if our day was too busy to get the work done then. I'm sure they could have just made us an appointment to come back at a later date but I have found that Children's Dentistry tries to make appointments as accommodating as possible (when their schedule allows). My youngest had a wonderful experience, including the extra work, because of the dedication Dr. Wilkerson and her staff demonstrate daily. My daughter repeatedly stated that she loves going to the dentist, loves her dentist, and loves the "girls" at the dentist office.

- Paula B

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