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Dr. Wilkerson: YWCA 2023 Woman of Achievement

Pediatric dentist, philanthropist, and Appalachian community leader

Dr. Wilkerson is delivering her acceptance speech for Woman of Achievement 2023.

At Dr. Wilkerson’s Children’s Dentistry in Charleston, West Virginia, children receive top-quality dental care in a friendly and comfortable environment.

Dr. Wilkerson’s commitment to improving the lives of children extends beyond her work as a pediatric dentist and into her philanthropic endeavors, making her a true leader of the Appalachian community.

Her hard work and dedication have seen her acknowledged as a true champion of equality and leader of the community as a woman of achievement…Click to learn more in a new window… in 2023 by the YWCA, Charleston, WV…Click to open a new tab to their website….

Pediatric dentistry: Dr. Wilkerson’s “superpower.”

Dr. Wilkerson found her true calling as a pediatric dentist after completing her Doctor of Dental Surgery from the West Virginia University School of Dentistry.

She has since taken over the practice her father founded, Children’s Dentistry, and has become a shining example of a dental professional who is an active leader and contributes to her community.

Thomas Wilkerson Scholarship: empowering future dental professionals

Dr. Wilkerson is committed to improving access for individuals interested in entering the dental profession through the Thomas Wilkerson Scholarship she created in honor of her late father.

The scholarship provides financial assistance to former patients interested in pursuing a career in dentistry, including dental hygienists.

Dr. Wilkerson encourages her former patients to pursue their dreams and often asks, “Now that you have a dentist’s smile, would you consider being one?”

Promoting gender equality in dentistry

Dr. Wilkerson recognizes the importance of representation in the dental field, which was historically male-dominated.

Today, Children’s Dentistry has an all-female staff, and Dr. Wilkerson aims to encourage and empower her employees to stand independently.

Dr. Wilkerson supports anyone interested in entering the field of dentistry and encourages all to follow their dreams.

Creating a comfortable environment for children

A visit to the dentist can be daunting for children, and the fear of visiting the dentist can be generational.

As a mother herself, Dr. Wilkerson understands the importance of creating a comfortable environment for both children and parents.

She makes a personal connection with her patients and recognizes that to help children, she also has to help their parents.

Dr. Wilkerson stands with her dental team at the Woman of Achievement 2023 awards.

Commitment to philanthropy

Dr. Wilkerson’s commitment to improving the lives of children extends beyond her work as a dentist.

She supports organizations such as the Clay Center and YWCA Charleston and seeks groups with similar missions and interests.

Dr. Wilkerson believes that giving back to the community is a two-way street, and by extending help, you also receive it.

Empowering communities in need

Dr. Wilkerson and her family have gone on mission trips to Arcahaie, Haiti.

They provided dental and medical care to the residents of a small Haitian village with little access to water or electricity.

Despite the recent COVID-19 pandemic and political unrest in Haiti, Dr. Wilkerson remains committed to empowering communities in need.


Dr. Wilkerson’s commitment to improving the lives of children is reflected in her work as a pediatric dentist and philanthropic endeavors.

Her dedication to improving access to the dental profession through the Thomas Wilkerson Scholarship continues to inspire future dental professionals.

As a business leader, she encourages employees to stand on their own. Dr. Wilkerson’s work serves as a reminder that acts of service are a powerful tool for professional and personal development.

Congratulations to Dr. Wilkerson for the recognition as YWCA 2023 Woman of Achievement…click to read more in a new window….

Are you a former patient interested in pursuing a career in dentistry? Apply for the Thomas Wilkerson Scholarship by Dr. Wilkerson and take the first step towards achieving your dreams.


I find it truly rewarding to make a real impact on the lives of families in our community here in Charleston, WV.

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